"Hard" Roeien met Astma

Sorry to post this in English but my Nederlands is not as good as I wish in order to explain details further.

I have been doing some rowing in the past few months but I am struggling with asthma when I push beyond 2:00s/500m. If you are a rower, you will know this is far from great and every time I try to push it, it all crumbles apart.
I have been dealing with asthma all through my childhood, but I consider it now to be rather "controlled" and it is just InspanningAstma. I am only using the Relvar and it suffices if my allergies are ok and weather is warm enough. However, in the cold of the Dutch winter, my asthma has deteriorated and I feel like it is limiting me in my rowing performance. I am fairly athletic and It's just holding me back.
Therefore, and because I am way from home, I am looking for a good Asthma specialist with or without some experience in Sports medicine. I have also seen some sport medicine centers but are they advisable? Can you recommend one in particular?
Maybe I should take something (reliever) before a training session, but I do not want to self-medicate.

Furthermore, I have a Huisarts afspraak, but I wanted to have as much possibilities as I can before discuss it with him.


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